Katana RC Petrol 3D fun fly model + CRRC GF26i

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Scale Aerobatic

Our Scale aerobatic aircraft are becoming well as renowned for their flying qualities as they are their quality and value.

Chose from three different sizes of YAK54, three different Extra 330s and of course the ever popular Cap 232. All remarkable value, superb looking and great flying.

RCARTF Extra 330 Gold

Extra 330 Purple

RCARTF Scale aircraft are primarily manufactured from laser cut balsa and ply to ensure a high standard of fitting and accuracy in their manufacture. Parts are jig built which means that not only are items straight and true, you will know they are. Models have pre-slotted and fitted hinges ready for final fitting.  Each model is covered in premium iron on film and comes with a complete hardware pack which will include (as appropriate) fuel tank, undercarriage, wheels, fixtures and fittings to enable the assemply of the model. All that is required in addition to what is in the box will be your radio equipment, engine, a little glue and some fuel tubing.

Our range of Scale Aerobatic aircraft can often easily be converted to electric power. this is thanks to their light weight construction, ease of access for battery changing (top canopy) and the bulkhead construction methods.

The new Katana S

Yak 54
Yak 54 - 26 - 40cc

Petrol engine power is an obvious candidate for many of these aircraft and our superb range of XYZ and CRRC Pro engines are well suited to these models. The 26cc will provide a scale like performance of the six foot range though the similar size and weight of the 3.9 hp GF40i provides amazing performance. The XYZ engines provide a slimmer package and a little more power.

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